Sun-Ok is a girl that ends up getting possesed by Ha-Eun.


Prior to her possesion from Ha-Eun, Sun-Ok had freckles on her nose and stubbed like hair that only reached her neck. One she had been possesed by Ha-Eun, her appearence takes a drastice change. She no longer has frecker, and her hair is considerably longer and silkier. She also takes on Ha-Eun's eyes. Also, her lips become glossier.

Plot SummaryEdit

Sun-Ok starts off by telling Hee-Ju not to litter. She talks to him and tells him how she loves music, but is unable to play it. She it later attacked by a low-level fox, but is saved by Hee-Ju.Overtime, she eventually gets completely possesed by Ha-Eun, and takes a drastic appearence change. Eventually, Ha-Eun is forced to leave her body.

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